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Mastermind Creations (MMC) have carved a niche in the third-party Transformers market with their line of IDW-inspired robot action figures. Reformatted R-28 Tyrantron is based on Megatron from the More Than Meets the Eye comic and – spoiler alert for the rest of the review – it is one absolutely mighty toy.

Mastermind Creations Tyrantron | Robotic Drift

Now, since you’re here you probably don’t need an education in More Than Meets the Eye (MTMTE). But if you do, don’t count on me to fill you in – stop reading this right now, go and grab Volume 1 and don’t stop until at least The Dying of the Light.

You’ll thank me.

Writer James Roberts and the IDW editorial team achieved the unthinkable with Megatron. Reforming the murderous tyrant and turning him into a sympathetic and even relatable character was a hell of an accomplishment, and once ‘Megs’ joined the Lost Light he quickly became a fan favourite.

Of course, since this is comics an equal chunk of the credit for MTMTE’s success is due to the artwork of Alex Milne.

With Tyrantron MMC go all out to capture Milne’s style, and the effect is one of the best-looking robots you can buy.

IDW Megatron figure by Mastermind Creations | Robotic Drift

MMC Megatron | Robotic Drift

Robot Mode

Tyrantron’s frame is big but also balanced and articulated, giving the figure presence on your toy shelf. The details – such as his engraved chest and pops of red – are on point.

The futuristic arm cannon may be at odds with MTMTE Megatron’s pacifist stance, but its sheer size completes Tyrantron’s impressive appearance.

And this is all before mentioning the head sculpt. Passive, cold and contemplative, it emulates Milne’s work perfectly.

Megatron of Tarn by Mastermind Creations | Robotic Drift

Mastermind Creations - Miner Megatron of Tarn | Robotic Drift

And yet there’s more.

Swap out Tyrantron’s head, shoulders, chest plate, back kibble and cannon and it appears those audacious bastards at MMC have also given us the parts we need for an Origins-era Megatron, dubbed ‘Tyrantronus’.

The drill replaces Tyrantron’s cannon for a functional energon miner look. This can, in turn, be replaced with a G1-styled fusion cannon to match Megatron’s life in the Kaon gladiator pits.

It’s a well-executed feature that looks superb and doubles the value of the figure.

MMC IDW Megatron - Kaon Gladiator | Robotic Drift


But what is a gladiator without weapons?

MMC pack Tyrantron with an energy sword and a mace, both translucent purple and G1 inspired. The energy sword does what it needs to do but the mace, with a real chain and decent weight, is the most impressive.

The final accessory is a magnetic Decepticon badge that shimmies straight over copyright boundaries to sit neatly on Tyrantron’s chest, giving the toy a more traditional tyrannical robot look.

IDW Megatron Alt Mode | Robotic Drift

Alt Mode

Let’s talk alt-modes. Yep.Plural.

Tyrantron converts to a futuristic space jet or a functionist energon drill, depending on what version of the figure you’re using.

These modes are… OK. The transformation basically consists of pushing the limbs back into the body, unfolding a few bits and then putting either the cannon or drill bit on the front. It’s not tricky but not too obvious either, and it is satisfying to do when you get the hang of it.

That said, I noticed that a shoulder joint was starting to feel stressed when shooting these review pics, so I probably won’t switch the figure up too much more.

Aesthetically I prefer the space jet. That said, there’s not much to choose; both pale in comparison to the robot modes.

IDW Megatron Toy Review | Robotic Drift

Even if the alt-modes are underwhelming, the robot modes make amends by some margin.

This is a good-looking, posable, accessory-laden, quality figure of one of the greatest characters in Transformers comics.

Long story short? If you have any kind of IDW Transformers collection, MMC’s Tyrantron is Megatron.

MMC Megatron Review | Robotic Drift

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