What is Robotic Drift?

Robotic Drift isn’t only about Transformers… but it’s mostly about Transformers.

From a personal history of life as a Transformers fan to Masterpiece and 3rd Party reviews through to thoughts on the franchise today, this is my take on those famous robots in disguise. Other topics may include Gunpla, mecha, sci-fi, gaming and sci-fi gaming… but it’s mostly about Transformers.

Who am I?

Hi, the name’s Joe. Early exposure to Optimus Prime kick started a love for gigantic robots back in the 1980s and it’s an obsession that has continued (more or less) ever since. Big fan of Dinobots, Zoids and every kind of robot dinosaur in between.

UK based, EU friendly. You’ll most likely catch me double-tapping on Instagram.

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