What is Robotic Drift?

A couple of guys with a love for all things mech and sci-fi. Join us on our quest of discovery as we celebrate the very best of robots, gaming, gunpla and more.

Who Are We?

Joe B

Early exposure to an original Optimus Prime kick started Joe’s love for gigantic robots back in the 1980s, and it’s an obsession that has continued (more or less) ever since. From Dinobots to Zoids (and every kind of robot dinosaur in between), Joe will more than likely already know the back story and be double-tapping the best associated action figure photography on Instagram.

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A lifelong gamer with a penchant for anything mech related, Japanese, and/or released two decades ago on an obscure NTSC-only console, Tomsk appreciates giant robots as much for their sheer industrial construction as for their ability to open a huge can of whoop-ass when required. Aims to build at least one Gunpla a month, hates building the legs, and is one of only a handful of people in Europe to own the complete Steel Battalion control rig.

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