TMNT Leonardo 3 Pack Figure Review

Tesco Exclusive Leonardo 3 Pack Figure Review | Robotic Drift

The Tesco exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo 3 Pack had caught my eye once already, even before I found it knocked down to half price. The versions of Leo that Playmates had chosen for the pack appealed directly to me for several reasons, and when a late-night shopping trip gave me the opportunity to compare paint jobs and details across several sets, I already knew I was getting it.

So was this repack bonanza worth it? Or should I have just spent the money on pizza and Space Heroes DVDs? Read on to find out…

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Drift Notes #4: Transformers Animated Dinobots

Transformers Animated Dinobots Grimlock Snarl Slag Swoop Autobots Hasbro Takara Toys Action Figures

Transformers typically means G1 to me, but nowadays the brand is all but defined by how many different versions there are; whether that’s Aligned Continuity, the Bayformers, IDW, or however else the story has been told. I still have yet to watch all of Beast Wars, let alone journey into the world of Transformers: Animated. However, when the Emcat got me an Animated Voyager Grimlock for our first Christmas together I knew that I had a new sub line to collect…

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X-Wing Pilot Asty Review

Star Wars X-Wing Pilot Asty Review

Bidding to cash in on nostalgia before the entitled generation of Star Wars fans gets too old to care, Disney decided to nix the evolution of warfare from the Prequel and Original trilogies and pretend that the last 30 years never happened, giving us marginally altered X-Wing and TIE Fighter combat instead. The bad news is that this set the tone for the continuity-be-damned rehash approach of The Force Awakens; but the good news is that we got more X-Wing pilot action figures.

So, introducing X-Wing Pilot Asty. Let’s take a look and see if the figure was worth the cost…

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Marvel’s Runaways Headed For Hulu

Marvel's Runaways Heading For TV

A live-action television series of Marvel’s Runaways is heading for streaming service Hulu. The comic/film/television/cultural giant announced the upcoming show earlier today.

The show will be produced by series co-showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who have worked together previously on Gossip Girl. Jeph Loeb and Jim Chory will Executive Produce, bringing the steady hands behind Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage to proceedings.
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In Defence of Star Wars Episode II

In Defence of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones | Robotic Drift

So, fellow Star Wars fans. How about something that divides opinion?

From the first announcement of Star Wars Episode II’s title the knives were out for George Lucas. The tide of critical and cultural opinion had turned firmly against the filmmaker following The Phantom Menace, and the reveal that the new film would have such a retro, B-movie name was enough to send the post-Matrix cultural world into hyperbolic meltdown.

Somewhat stalling the trend of negativity the trailers were good, promising more action and actual war than we saw in Episode I. Yet on release the film met with a similar critical fate as its predecessor – and not without reason, it has to be said. From a contemporary Hollywood point of view the decline of Star Wars seemed all but complete.

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